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On a two lane blacktop road running through the rural town of Sweet Valley, PA there is a small cemetery that was abandoned and untended for quite some time. An old chain link fence runs parallel with the road, separating it from the cemetery. Beyond the fence there are stones that have fallen, graves that have sunk and wild brush and trees that have hidden many of the markers. Among those interred at this forgotten cemetery were the graves of many Veterans. About ten years ago, members of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. & The Veterans Coalition Post PA-56 decided to make this cemetery their personal project and have since brought it to a condition that complies with the perpetual care that was promised to the families of those interred. Over the last decade, several trips a year ensure that flags are placed at the graves of the Veterans and the grass is cut. Sunken graves were filled in and replanted with grass and brush and trees were removed.

In February of this year, an automobile accident damaged a large part of the chain link fence. The automobile owners’ insurance company was ready to pay for the damage but since there was no legal owner of the cemetery, they did not know who they should pay. The post contacted District Court Magistrate, Judge John Hasay and explained that they have been taking care of the cemetery for the last ten years. Through the efforts of Judge Hasay, the insurance company was authorized to pay the post to have the fence repaired.

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    Pictured above are members of Post PA-56: 1st row: Rose Langan, Ken Herring, George Handzo. Kneeling: Frank Park and James Bombay. Standing: Dan Langan, Addison Kreamer, Lou Wiernitz, Shirley Methalevitch and Pat Herring.
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